Ahead Mars!

Travel to Mars may be in our future but we have a long road of engineering marvels to invent along the way. Consider living on Mars for a year. Many things would be required. Using Disaster Recovery (DR), Sustainability, and advance engineering principles BeautyStorytelling, Inc. plans to detail the necessary requirements and considerations for a successfully engineered transfer of life and necessity for life to another planet or moon.


Storage of food must be considered. Extra food would be included, more than what would be required for a year on Mars. Just in case of any disasters. Food may also need to be carried in separate containers with a physical distance to protect if damaged in another area.

Initial Concept of Travel

Robots seem to be the best way to travel and setup an environment where humans can exist. These robots would land and setup a travel system that is safe, while building habitats for people with 3D printing shelters and eventually whole cities.