A LITTLE child shall lead them

What was all the mention of children leading the way? Have you found any of that to be true? Can you point to a time that a child led you to the truth?

Carol Burnett has a show that asks children again what they think. Children are like little programs. They get things wrong some times. The repeat things you don’t want them to. They retell stories.

In Matthew 18:3 the Spirit says we should become like little children. The word in Greek is related to our word strafe. It was actually a combat term. In wrestling in the old fashioned method; it was a bodybuilding art, not just an art of control. There was also an element of healing and physical therapy involved in tradition wrestling. It was even taught to women in secret.

Cultural ideas about how to gain strength are different. In some cultures functionality is key, in others they want raw lifting ability. Depending on your ideas of health and strength, you may branch into different areas to rock climbing, or jogging. By specifying, you isolate a function and can make other parts of your body suffer. Children exercise by having fun. Later we stop learning to physically have fun, then we break down and slow down into our aging pain.

Tongsau is a martial art that specifically enters all motion from the biblical perspective. By strafing, or turning into our attacker, we are changing and enacting the root of true change, what the Chinese call Ching or Jing.

When other cultures speak about force and strength they speak on a higher plane than English. Many Greek and Chinese words are lost in our translation. Consider the angle at which you push forward. In Chinese there are changes because of the intention in your body. This is the root of true grappling.

Wrestling with God

When Jacob wrestled with God it was painful. But he didn’t let go of the Angel he was wrestling with. He held out. For more!

When you do that you can get it wrong in 2 ways. God is not Slow! He is specific.

Turning or change we call it, repent. But the technical term was simply begin to turn. In wrestling when you change your base, you use the invisible quality of grappling which is done with the whole body. In Tai Chi, this is why it appears that others are thrown even though it looks like they have the upper hand. Changing what is happening inside rather than just approach to change the outside.

In Martial Arts this is called, going through the motions. Just looking good on the outside and being able to do the movements of Martial Art are the healing part of martial science. The true ability of martial art is to change the body. To gain the splits, or toughen your skin and internal organs.

The practice of  this art has been very secret in the past, but now it is time to release the biblical martial art that has spanned the globe and reached the lowest of people. Martial artists aren’t afraid to enter. They can break laws (*Luke 6:4) that others are told no in the Bible. Warriors reflect the image of God.

God loves a warrior. Consider the only person in Jesus’ genealogy that he was not related: Uriah. A slave and warrior.


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