The Basic Nature of Life is Desire

If you want to understand life, you must understand desire. Desire fulfilled is something that doesn’t need measuring. What needs to be understood, is what comes when desire is not fulfilled.

Darkness and shadows are ahead. Bitterness and sorrow await you around every turn. Will you eat the sour grapes? Or will you walk away?

Most of us crave sweets, rather than bitter tastes. But once you realize you can live in the bitter, you can press on to try a new story of sorrow. You must get better at sorrow. How can you do that you ask?

Recognize God has always been the satisfaction of your soul.

Genesis 15:1 tells us (in the correctly translated Hebrew) that God is our VERY, GREAT: Reward.
There’s an adverb in there. It’s better than Good. It’s Great. He created that phrase. Not Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes! Children hate bitterness. They teach us how we react to pain. Why don’t you help your child deal with the pain of not getting their favorite cereal.

God asks us to sacrifice like He did.

Maybe you can give up a little sweetness to gain wealth, health or wisdom.

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