The Show

It was ancient Hebrew tradition that the link of meat given in a single average hot dog, was the prescribed unit of meat appropriate for one man. It was a rationing system. It was above the law, yes, but the reality was, God’s people, were to be a showplace of glory.

Now to be clear, there is no requirement to follow the law. No. For we are saved by GOD. Not ourselves. His graciousness gives us the freedom to allow ourselves the enjoyment of the law, if we choose to know God by following the law.

But what he desired to show the world, should not be looked at with mere admiration, but it also presents a learning tool. A near historical record of disciplines, and theories, as to why God did exactly what He did.

For instance, the diet is mentioned in Scripture many times. God, invented diet. We didn’t.

The tool for God, to use our diet as a way to connect with him is unique to combat.

Yes. Combat.

Devout followers of the law would be highly fit, warriors. Fiercely fighting for and protecting their brides, to keep a strong household that honors a binary system of dominance. Routing out perversion amongst the nations; to finally bring God a home that he can dwell in, not made of stone or wood, but of His image. His reflection. The face that looks back at him to communicate. The ones that read their Bible. That’s the only way I know to look at the face of God.


But no. It’s not that simple to follow a simple list of rules. We are pulled by our own desires, James says.

Those of us who enter the stage of the Show, can often be overwhelmed by unknown sins. Simple sins of demanding everything go your way. Or not working, and becoming lazy like David and Bathsheba.

The entire life of a man of God, is fraught, or bound to be fraught with scandal. Some do not come fully prepared to the Show, educated correctly. How to interact with people. How to share your faith. How to actually be the Show.

At all times.

This, is what we hope to explore, in this examination of the best image, or reflection of Beauty. God. What does it mean to be the best, in God’s view? Maybe we will look at things that the world considers the best. We can’t be unrelated. For all things are under God.

ZZ Top, for instance says, “Every girl’s crazy bout a sharped dressed man.” Are they correct in their science? I’m not one to argue too much with sung science. I don’t think anyone can argue with a song that sold more than 1000 records. The voices must be saying something true. For we turn to them. The Show is a stage of a battle. The stage where God is fighting for your mind on a daily basis. The songs you hear, the voices in the background? God created that all, for you. Are you in there? Can you hear me?

The words come from God’s people.

Some, however, come from the manipulators; the accusers, the vile haters of others. The pride and fear we experience like an animal destroys a church.

When Satan enters your church, you’ll have no idea that it simply begins by the relationships you create. Are they taking you into the unknown? Edifying? Should you consider yourself a captive?

Have you become a zombie?

Or, are you part of the show, that God has created in their life?

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