Beauty, and the Art of Storytelling

By Charles Kindall December 2016

Paperback, 300 Pages from

Beauty-and the Art of Storytelling

Kindall’s struggles and sorrow, fill the pages of this Biblical examination of Beauty; and God’s intentions for it. From martial arts, to movies and Baseball, he explores the subject of Beauty through his unique understanding of Scripture. It documents the conditions of the heart, masculinity, and femininity; from a life that didn’t seem to have any. He is an autodidact with a unique perspective as an artist,
musician, writer, designer, combat instructor, and Biblical counselor.
The work here, is devoted and dedicated to the many Biblical Counselors, teachers, and authors he studied, who deal with life and sorrow. This book is for those who mourn.

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This version removes the extra outtakes and martial art focus.

Journal of the Doctor

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Christmas at Grandma’s House

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