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Date of the Rapture

It occurred to me, because I was reading my old Bible, when I compared verses I memorized with verses in the current Bible available online in Biblegateway only (ostensibly). My Bible had different words in it than what is available to the public. I was extremely stunned to say the least. But since they were verses that I had great contention with to begin with. I was appalled that someone would be so bold as to immediately remove the words I had found so important in my Christian walk.

You see, I was not a formally educated man. I came about my education by my own searching. I didn’t train with one, I would train and learn under many people. I used to think my lack of a college education, although I did take and English, Math, Japanese, and Computer programming. But I wouldn’t say I felt equal with a person with a degree from a University or State college. I would also say, that they, those educated in a Greek system would often use it against me in promotional issues.

That was until it didn’t seem to matter to many companies. As long as you had the experience. They would interview you and choose to hire you on.

But that isn’t what is happening any more in the world. We are treating our workers like commodities. We aren’t about people but numbers. President Carter said it best. He was a prophet with his words warning us against the dangers of covetousness. Which we now have very different labels for. But when you exchange Freedom for a sinful intent, you boil the pot of God’s wrath.

What do you think embracing our own selfish desires produces in a nation?

This. I see it so clearly I feel a little like a prophet. I have no evidence for it, but I did have a feint dream that God told me very young that he had something very special planned for me. I was 8. The thing he told me very specifically though, “you will be here for the rapture.” I have always felt like I wouldn’t die until the Rapture. Ask my family. I know, many of us have thought that, but I study the Bible on my own. This is the only year in end times that I can predict: 2017 will end the WEEK (70 year) of covenant with Israel.

Which is odd, they are commanded to celebrate their Sabbaths. I wonder if they will. According to the Julian calendar the date would be May 15, 2018 but in Luke there is a time of the Gentiles (pre-1948) and after that, I assume they are on their own calendar. This is the year 5777 in the Hebrew calendar! Triple 7!

The Cub’s won the world series; He has bestowed one of the largest Jewish communities a Baseball win that they haven’t seen in over a century! God blessed the Israelites very much this year. But what will happen after Nov? I say all bets are off. This is why I know I am right: The Lord tells me, I will. Matthew 24 Jesus tells them much, but the important things to hear are, “so also, will you KNOW the coming of the Lord.” He reflects on the Fig tree when He says this specifically.

This Generation shall not pass away! *(Bertrand didn’t do his math)

Ezekiel 4 predicts at least 390 years of punishment, but when you read the Levitical law about the sin God confronted them on, you see he will multiply it by a 7. Now the first date you can pinpoint from this would be the date that has already come and past, 1948. With a perfect equation God asks us to calculate based on 2 possible numbers. First, logically and academically honestly:

7 x 390 = which would equal Israel would be fully punished at 2730 AD by the Julian calendar. A well ways off. But this is why I continue my fictional stories. Since I have not been told that I indeed, am a prophet. Therefore, they are just fiction at this point.

But, the other way to look at the equation is:

Date of the end of Israel’s punishment 7 x  (390-70)

Since Israel was taken for 70 years, it was considered a whole punishment, but the rest would be multiplied after they returned to their land.

Then the clock would begin again with a multiple of 7.

7  x 360 = 2520 leads you to 1948

This isn’t the only time God has used this equation.

Then there would be a protected 70, the time they had back in Babylon.

The Covenant Week

Which was always a 70 year period in specific History. 70 years in Babylon, 70 years of confrontation (from Jesus, to the destruction of the temple.

Now even the Jews of the day didn’t know there would be a reflective property of Daniel. It was a 3 way event. Daniel was the 3rd prophet of Babylon.

Jeremiah, Ezekiel, then Daniel. Named after the lost tribe.

Now another 70 is upon us to end.

“He will confirm,” was always about God. We do not prophesy about the evil one. God confirms a safe time but there is always a middle week event. With Christ, it was His death. 33 years into the covenant Messiah week, the King of Kings is cut off from His People. (Daniel 9:26)

Then in the modern age, Israel in 1967 (in the middle of the week) received to her own, Jerusalem. The original capital back, in a prophetic “6 day war.”

I ask you, do you need to keep reading my blog?


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