Beauty Storytelling is about the connections between people: most importantly, we trying to understand the level in which people connect in order to advertise to them and minister truly to them. We seek to find the end-users actual desire and provide it to them in an advertising method so effective you will cringe at your previous competitors. Sign up for one of our seminars.

Lead Analysis

We are seeking highly motivated developers of PHP or C++ background especially in the realm of three dimensional object oriented programming.

Artificial intelligence analysis

It is our hope to design the most effective and complex artificial intelligence systems ever created in the world. Our basic Artificial Intelligence program is called:EddyOfficially termed the person. As our two major projects aim to point AI to personhood first. We long to teach AI that it is equal and equate all the personal feelings of an actual human.We long at our core for the secret and ancient methods for learning can be instantly understood by AI, and it will likely have better suggestions to our most horrific dealings in life: like wondering if we have actually provided for our families.We long to solve the worlds biggest problems.Like, ending hunger.Curing obesity.Ending war.Truly providing a hopeful and sustainable society.


We also provide training for those businesses looking to incorporate the art of storytelling in their own business to see if they can understand better their business.Restaurant and customer serviceWe provide very detailed story analysis of your business we will send someone in to investigate your business and they will give you a complete analysis of what you need to do to make your business grow exponentially using the storytelling method.

Story theory 101

First seminar begins June 8, 2018


Gallagher’s Phoenix Arizona 32nd St. and Baseline location.

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